Route difficulty


Whole distance

19 km

19 km by rivers

It's best to start your journey in Kaltanėnai town near concrete bridge.

Ignalina district, Utena county

Map legend

Start - Finish place

Train station




No stopping

One day route Žeimena description

After 3 km downstream on Žeimena one the left you’ll see a small village Šališkė and on the right a tributary Kiauna river. After 2 more kilometers you’ll swim through a village Naujoji Brasta and after 3 km more – village Lukna. After the village you’ll see tributary Lukna. 5 km more to Jusiai village and tributary Sirgėla. It will take 6 km more to reach concrete bridge near town Švenčionėliai, it is the finish line to this route.

About Švenčionėliai

Švenčionėliai was mentioned for the first time in 1686m. In 1861 a railroad between Warsaw and Saint Peterburg started running through the town. 1899 was the date for another railroad from Panevežys to Lentupiai got started, since then it is a railroad crossroads. Currently there is ~7000 residents in this town.

About Žeimena river

Žeimena is 82 km length with tall sand scarps with pinewoods growing above. You’ll not be bored, it is one of the most popular rivers for kayaking. Anyone can swim it, both young and old, experiencied and newbies. A river starts in Labanoras woods from lake Žeimenis. All the lakes of Aukštaitija national park has a connection to this river. Whole river is a calm rowing of 4 days to Neris river. It is one of the cleanest rivers in Lithuania so it is the main place for salmon spawning.

Discout for organizers

For organizers who rent more than 5 kayaks gets 100% discount for themself.

Discount for groups

Discount for bigger groupsand students

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Safety rules in water

Wear life jacket while rowing;

Don't go into water with bare feet;

Don't jump into water if you don't know the depth and bottom;

Don't row if you are not sober!

How to use kayak

Don't push the back of kayak seat, because it can break at bottom construct hinges. The price of a new bottom construct is - 45€

Don't sit on the horizontally folded seat, because it can break. The price of a new seat back is - 25€

Don't use your paddle as a lever or perch, because it can break. The price of a new paddle is - 40€

Don't pull a kayak on a rough surfaces, because it's keel will wear thin. The price of a new kayak is - 600€

After a journey, please, return all of teh inventory and put it into kayak!


Collect all the trash you can find on the trip and we will make sure they end up where they should.