If you have any questions, contact:
+370 698 32207
Palūšės kaimas, Ignalinos raj.
8 - 20 h

Recommended Kayaking Routes

Discount for organizers

Trip organizers of groups bigger than į kayaks, gets 100% discount for himself.

Discount for groups

Bigger groups and students get a discount.

Have questions? Want to rent kayaks? Call us +370 698 32207 or write us info@baidariuuostas.lt

Summerhouse rental

Remote house stands in the heart of lake region, Aukstaitija National Park. Deep in the forest near Asalnykstis lake shore, Puzinskis village, 10 km from Ignalina.

Campsite rental

Our campsite is located by lake Almajas (perfect for kayaking route Buka - Ginuciai, the route of the first day ends here).

Sauna on wheels rental

For all-included camping outdoors experience - we offer a mobile sauna on wheels. What could be better than relaxing in a hot sauna after a tough day?

Motor boat

We offer a unique experience of enjoying the beautiful Lithuanian nature on a bout tour around the gorgeous Lake Lušiai.


Please, gather all the trash you see around while kayaking and bring it to us. We will take care of it.

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