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Palūšės kaimas, Ignalinos raj.
8 - 20 h

Route difficulty


Whole distance

38 km

3 km ežerais / 35 km upėmis / Pirma diena – 18 km / antra diena – 20 km

Baidarių žygį pradėkite stovyklavietėje, įsikūrusioje prie Aisetos ežero. Bendras baidarių trasos ilgis - 38 km.

Ignalinos rajonas, Utenos apskrt.

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No stopping

Two day route Aiseta – Kiauna – Žeimena 1st day description

Row for around 140m until you reach outflow of Aiseta river, where you’ll pass wooden bridge and Paiseta village. After 3km you’ll reach Sidabrinė village and after another 300m – concrete bridge which connects Švenčionėliai and Utena. This part of the route is quite calm without any serious obstacles. Just before reaching Kiaunas lake you might pass a few fallen trees. In this lake keep to it’s right shore and after 1.5km you’ll reach Kiauneliškis village, +0.5km you’ll see a small island overgrown by reeds. That will help to find outflow of Kiauna as it is 100m before the island. After entering the river you’ll have to row for another 1.5km. On the left you’ll see Pakiaunis village where a manor and it’s park of XIX century still stands to this day.

The river flows through the Labanoras forest, swamps and fields. You definitely won’t be bored as a view of surroundes changes a lot. You might find some fallen trees as well. The route goes trhough Stirninė, Jakutiškis, Vasiuliškė and Žvirbliškė villages. After crossing concrete in Kūriniai village (the bridge connects Ignalina – Moletai road), row another 2km until you reach Gilūtas lake. Near that lake we recommend to stay for a night, we can offer other places to sleep if needed.

Two day route Aiseta – Kiauna – Žeimena 2nd day description

After leaving a camp keep to right side of the lake and after 600m you should see an outflow of a stream which will connect you to Sekluotis lake. This lake is not deep and you’ll allways see it’s bottom full of weeds, pikes and other fish. You’ll need to row around 800m to the end of the lake. On teh right of it you’ll see an another outflow of a stream which goes through Kukliai village. After passing a concrete bridge you’ll have to row another 2km to Žeimena river.

About Kiauna River

A wildly beautiful Kiauna river flows 16 km through Labanoras woods. Almost whole route goes to through uninhabited places. Even thought Kiauna is calm and not dangerous still from time to time you can find fallen trees and you’ll need to lift your kayak through it. There is a lot of small tributaries to the river, there is a lot of swift sections. You’ll see places almost entirely surrounded by swamps, forests or simply sandy sections. Kiauna is a perfect river to enjoy the beauty of wilderness.

About Žeimena river

Žeimena is 82 km length with tall sand scarps with pinewoods growing above. You’ll not be bored, it is one of the most popular rivers for kayaking. Anyone can swim it, both young and old, experiencied and newbies. A river starts in Labanoras woods from lake Žeimenis. All the lakes of Aukštaitija national park has a connection to this river. Whole river is a calm rowing of 4 days to Neris river. It is one of the cleanest rivers in Lithuania so it is the main place for salmon spawning.

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Discount for organizers

Trip organizers of groups bigger than į kayaks, gets 100% discount for himself.

Discount for groups

Bigger groups and students get a discount.

Have questions? Want to rent kayaks? Call us +370 698 32207 or write us info@baidariuuostas.lt

Safety in water rules

Life vest is required while on water;

Don't walk barefoot in the river;

Don't jump into unexplored waters;

Don't paddle while intoxicated!

How to use a kayak

Don't push the seat with your back ir might break. Price of lower part of the seat - 45 €

Don't sit on the upper part of the seat, i tmight break. Price of upper part of the seat - 25 €

Don't use paddle as a leverage or in any other unintended way, it might break. Price of new paddle - 40 €

Don't pull kayaks on rough surfaces. Price of new kayak - 600 €

After the journey gather all the inventory and


Please, gather all the trash you see around while kayaking and bring it to us. We will take care of it.