If you have any questions, contact:
+370 698 32207
Palūšės kaimas, Ignalinos raj.
8 - 20 h
Audrius Gudelis

IBAN LT447300010085989376
„Swedbank“, AB
Bank code 73000


633176, 6134445 (LKS)
55.327284, 26.098772 (WGS)
55° 19′ 38.22″, 26° 5′ 55.58″ (WGS)

Kayak Base

If you go from the side of Ignalina, pass through the “Old” Palūšė, the store, then look to the right until you see the road sign – Landing pier. Moving from the side of Molėtai, go through the “New” Palūšė, straight after the grove there will be the road sign Landing pier, that is our boating station.

Kayak, canoe and other water tourism rentals

Our kayak base offers:

  • Kayak rental,
  • boat rental,
  • canoe rental,
  • SUP rental,
  • and other water tourism inventory rental.
The boaters can always give advice and recommend the most interesting route. We can take kayaks to the route starting point, and pick them up in the end of the tour. We’ll be waiting for you at the Audrius boating station in Palūšė, every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Wondering which kayaking route to take? Kayak, canoe, boat or even a paddleboard?

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Discount for organizers

Trip organizers of groups bigger than į kayaks, gets 100% discount for himself.

Discount for groups

Bigger groups and students get a discount.

Have questions? Want to rent kayaks? Call us +370 698 32207 or write us info@baidariuuostas.lt